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Gentle Root Canal Therapy to Relieve Dental Discomfort in Aurora, IL

Dinesh Patel, DDS, offers gentle root canal therapy to relieve dental discomfort and restore teeth to full function. Although this procedure has a reputation for being uncomfortable, Dr. Patel strives to ensure your comfort throughout the therapy process. From decay removal to your final restoration, our dental team stands with patients until the job is done. For root canal therapy, visit our Aurora practice, serving the whole city, North Aurora, Oswego and Naperville. 


Why is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

Tooth decay is a common occurrence in patients and can lead to cavities. When a cavity has delved too deep into a tooth and has spread bacteria to the root and inner structures, the infected tissue must be removed. Rather than extract the tooth and leave a gap in the smile, Dr. Patel focuses on saving the existing tooth structure while also removing the threat of further decay. The goal of general dentistry is to preserve natural tooth structures which support good oral health and a beautiful smile. Root canal therapy is one way our practice protects your existing teeth, making for a healthier smile that lasts a lifetime.

Restoring Your Teeth 

After Dr. Patel establishes that root canal therapy is necessary to save the tooth, the next steps are decay removal and restoration. We will carefully remove infected tissue from inner structures and fill the tooth with quality material to prevent future infection. The tooth is then measured for a custom crown that is fabricated by our trusted dental lab. A temporary crown is placed on top of this area until the porcelain crown is prepared. Once your final crown is complete, we place the restoration, polishing and refining your porcelain crown until it fits perfectly. With your treatment complete, patients can enjoy a uniform and restored smile that will last through daily wear and tear.

Quality Root Canal Therapy from Eola Dental  

When providing advanced tooth restoration, Dr. Patel emphasizes quality care and takes the time to double-check his work. For some patients, we can provide dental sedation to improve comfort during root canal therapy, and is prescribed on a case-by-case basis.

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Eola Dental offers patients a unique fusion of personal care and precise dental techniques to make root canal therapy efficient and comfortable. If you are experiencing dental discomfort, or are overdue for an appointment, please call us today. We will examine your smile and provide treatments to enhance the health and natural beauty of your teeth.




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