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Preventive Dental Care in Aurora, IL at Eola Dental

Eola Dental strives to be forward thinking with its dental care, providing treatments to treat today’s concerns while preparing patients for a better dental future. Preventive care is part of every patient’s treatment plan, and Dinesh Patel, DDS helps patients achieve good oral health. Our family dental practice wants to protect the health of every patient and offers a range of preventive treatments to patients in Aurora and surrounding areas.

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Preventive Care for All ages

At Eola Dental, patients receive personal attention and individualized care. We take time during the first examination to check every aspect of a patient’s oral health. We use Diagnodent® to check for cavities that may be hiding in hard to reach areas or along biting surfaces. This laser technology allows Dr. Patel to examine the smile comprehensively, reassuring patients that their smile is healthy.

Our dental team understands how every smile is unique, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some smiles may be more fragile, while others are prone to tooth staining. We recommend treatments and products that can make up for these dental issues, such as professional cleanings, fluoride toothpastes, or composite tooth fillings. We strive to protect the smile today, and decrease the chance of dental problems in the future.  

Dr. Patel believes that it’s important to introduce children to dental care early, allowing them to grow more comfortable with having their teeth cared for. Eola Dental provides a range of services to help your child’s dentition develop safely, including sealants and gentle fillings. 

Patient Education 

Dr. Patel believes in educating patients on best care practices to improve oral health while not at the dentist. Many patients may not realize the importance of dental behaviors, which keep the teeth clean and the smile free from dental decay. Brushing and flossing are the backbone of at-home dental care and secure teeth for lifelong use. Dental visits are intended to support optimal oral health practices and provide treatment for serious dental issues. 

Parents can trust us to teach children how to brush and floss properly and help them understand the importance of oral care. We understand that parents may have a difficult time getting their children to brush and floss, but we can help improvise on possible solutions to this problem. Our goal is to have patients of all ages achieve good oral health and a positive dental experience. 

Preventive Care Begins with Eola Dental

We help patients obtain healthy smiles using quality materials and tailored dental treatments. Contact us today to schedule your first (or next appointment) at our Aurora, IL practice.


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