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Identifying dental problems before they become more invasive and expensive is the best course of action. We know that our patients care about their oral health and that is why we are now using the latest in carries (cavity) detection technology.

This innovative imaging technology works by surrounding the tooth with near-infrared light. The trans-illumination allows enamel to appear transparent while porous areas absorb the light. This breakthrough in imaging allows our clinicians to see through the tooth, so that a clear, accurate carries diagnosis can be made.

CariVu imaging along with necessary traditional x-rays is key to helping you maintain optimal oral health and a beautiful smile. In addition, it is comfortable, safe and great alternative for pregnant women and young children.


Amalgam Separator

Dr. Patel as always been a proponent of using tooth-colored fillings as opposed to amalgam (silver fillings which contain mercury) for a variety of reasons including environmental and health concerns. On occasion, Dr. Patel may have to remove silver fillings that have been placed previously from another dental office before he places a new restoration. To help protect our environment and to keep compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency’s  regulation, our office has installed an amalgam separator. The separator is designed to help reduce the amount of amalgam that is released into wastewater and subsequently will help to reduce additional negative impact on our environment.  

The amalgam separator is just one of the ways Dr. Patel and his team are trying to achieve a more environmentally conscious approach to dentistry.  Using digital x-rays as opposed to film, reducing our office’s need for paper and conscientious recycling, are just some of the ways Eola Dental is helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

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