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Providing Preventive Care for The Entire Family in Aurora

When looking to ensure the proper development of your child’s smile, or to restoring function with restorative care for yourself or a parent, it can be challenging to find a dental professional who treats the entire family. At Eola Dental, Dr. Dinesh Patel welcomes the opportunity to address the oral health needs of your loved ones with exceptional dentistry. Eola Dental is not a high-volume practice, and as one of our patients, you and your family are not just a number in our system. We believe the quality of care is more important than the revenue that you generate.

Regardless of age, it is never too early or too late to exercise prevention. Our patient-focused dental services are tailored to treat the oral health conditions that can develop throughout any stage of life. Dr. Patel is the only practicing doctor at Eola Dental, and, therefore, he is the only doctor that you will see. We invite you to call or visit our practice today if you are looking for dentistry that caters to each member of your family.

Thorough Exams

Saving time and money by regularly scheduling preventive care is something that Dr. Patel promotes. Arranging your dental examinations every six months is an essential step in maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile. Regular checkups allow our dentist to detect, diagnose, and treat oral health concerns before they become more severe.

Because children’s smiles are still developing, these exams are especially important for preserving long-lasting health well into adulthood and eliminating dental anxieties early. Dr. Patel understands how dental work can be intimidating for children and encourages bringing them in early, giving him the opportunity to help them understand the importance of dentistry.

Gentle Cleanings

Every exam includes detailed cleanings tailored to age and comfort level. Plaque buildup that causes tooth decay and gum disease are removed, helping contribute to long-lasting oral health.

Also, our Aurora dentist can provide specialized preventive dental treatments after cleaning. Preventive services such as fluoride strengthen enamel, helping teeth become more resistant to cavities and decay. Sealants applied to the molars of children help prevent food debris and bacteria from collecting on teeth.

Exercising Prevention with Patient Education

As part of your visit, Dr. Patel teaches patients of every age positive habits for preserving beautiful, healthy, and fully-functional smiles. Patient education includes easy-to-understand language the demonstration of proper brushing and flossing techniques. We explain how unhealthy food choices compromise tooth development and make nutritional diet recommendations to minimize the chance of decay.   

From ages 1 to 100, our office provides exceptional preventive care. You can be confident that each member of your family will receive the best dental treatments to promote their overall well-being and happiness. Call us today to learn more!  

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