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Restore Your Confidence With Dental Implants in Aurora, IL

dental implants are provided by dr. patel of eola dental in aurora, illinois.Eola Dental offers treatment with dental implants to restore the comfort and confidence provided by a full smile. Our dentist, Dinesh Patel, DDS, has the experience to place dental implants and furnish custom restorations that grant patients the benefits of both improved dental function and appeal. Whether single or multiple teeth are missing from their dentition, we help patients in Aurora, Naperville, Oswego and North Aurora to achieve complete smiles.


Restoring Stability with Dental Implants

Dr. Patel understands the crucial role a complete smile plays in daily life, from chewing to laughing. In offering dental implants, our dentist provides an advanced treatment which can effectively replenish a full set of teeth, returning both function and confidence. Made from titanium, and known for their bio-compatibility, implants securely integrate with the jaw, promoting regrowth in areas weakened by absent teeth. After the healing process has taken place, dental implants provide a sturdy foundation for custom restorations. The benefits our patients receive from this treatment can be comprehensive, not the least being the opportunity for a more resilient and beautiful smile. 

Receiving Implants at Eola Dental

visit eola dental for your consultation with dr. patel to see if dental implants are the right option for you.Our practice makes use of guided surgical techniques and technologies to bolster the reliability of dental implant procedures, helping patients attain successful outcomes. The surgical guides used at Eola Dental are made individually, manufactured from detailed impressions and supported by a unique treatment plan to suit individual needs. When the planning process is complete, Dr. Patel will place dental implants and a temporary restoration. To complete the process, an attractive and personalized restoration will replace the temporary prosthetic.

To accommodate complex situations that may arise for our patients, such as the need for bone grating or sinus augmentation, we collaborate with a trusted local periodontist. 

Implant Restorations for Many Needs

We offer a range of customized options to finalize dental implant placement. Implant-supported restorations are crafted from quality materials, designed to form a seamless fit within our patients’ smiles. Our treatment options for restorations include: 

Crowns: Made to replace individual teeth, this restoration retains the comparable strength and appearance of a natural tooth. 
Bridges: Capable of replacing rows or whole arches of missing teeth, bridges can be effective, even where there are pronounced gaps between natural teeth. 
Dentures: Compared with their traditional counterpart, implant-supported dentures are firmly retained in the gums, offering a reliable replacement for multiple absent teeth. 

Contact Dr. Dinesh Patel for Dental Implants

Our practice emphasizes quality care to restore function and aesthetic appeal to patients’ dentition. For more information on the restorative dental care we provide for patients in Aurora and nearby areas, visit or call Eola Dental today to schedule an appointment. 




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