Cosmetic Restorations

Quality Cosmetic Dental Restorations in North Aurora

At Dr. Patel’s practice, we give patients the opportunity to improve aesthetics while restoring dental function. With quality dental restorations and oral health care from our boutique practice, your smile can be straight and bright. We provide diverse options for patients to repair dental damage sustained from normal wear and tear or accidents, and diligently work to rebuild your smile. Patients with cracked, chipped, or absent teeth can rely on our Aurora dental team to provide comprehensive solutions.  

Cosmetic Restoration Options

We understand how a full smile is important to daily life activities such as laughing and chewing, and that repairing dental damage is crucial in protecting oral health. To repair your teeth, we utilize quality dental restorations fashioned in a trusted dental lab. Custom restorations are made from dental porcelain, a resilient material that resembles the look and feel of natural enamel. They are designed to be seamless within your dentition, matching the size and shape of the designated tooth or teeth. Dr. Patel will tailor treatment plans to match patient needs regarding the number of teeth missing or require restorative work.
Below are your dental restoration choices from Eola Dental:

Individual Restorations:

Veneers are porcelain coverings used to hide a variety of dental imperfections, including chips, uneven tooth spacing, and deep stains. These require a layer of enamel to be removed before veneers can be permanently attached. 

Lumineers® provide the benefits of veneers without removing enamel. As thin as contact lenses, your dentist can use Lumineers® to make the visible dentition brighter and more uniform. 

Inlays & Onlays repair the tops of teeth, your chewing cusps, and are a more minimal restoration than crowns. Used to repair more extensive decay than a traditional filling could handle, inlays fill in larger areas. Onlays restore a larger portion of the tooth, when more than one cusp has been damaged. 

Crowns are the final step in root canal therapy, serving as a new covering for your tooth. These protect the existing natural inner tooth structure for aesthetic uniformity, bite function, and overall oral health. 

Multiple Teeth Restorations:

Bridges replace multiple adjacent teeth missing in a single row. With healthy teeth used as anchors, bridges are a strong and resilient restoration. Anchor teeth require preparation and crowns are used to permanently stabilize the bridge.

Dentures are custom made from acrylic and make the smile complete again. Cosmetically appealing and completely personalized, dentures are tailored to achieve patients’ aesthetic goals and rejuvenating bite function. 

Implant-Supported Options:

Dental implants offer an additional way to repair the smile permanently. These prosthetics are secured within jaw bone to strengthen bone structure and act as tooth roots. Custom restorations are then attached to the implant for the visible portion of this advanced treatment. Crowns, bridges, and dentures, partial and full, can be utilized in conjunction with implants for a natural and long lasting results. 

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Dr. Patel wants all patients to achieve the smile of their dreams. Our boutique practice serves quality restorative care to patients in Aurora, North Aurora and Naperville. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call us today.


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