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Compassionate Oral Surgical Care in Aurora, IL

Dr. Patel offers surgical procedures to help meet complex dental needs. From a simple extraction to placing an implant post, he provides the care necessary to recover a healthy smile. Our options include:

Tooth Extractions – Many situations call for a tooth extraction, like crowding issues, advanced decay, periodontal disease, a fractured tooth or a dental abscess. 

Wisdom Tooth Extractions - Dr. Patel also extracts third molar wisdom teeth depending upon the dental needs of the patient.

Implant Placement – Dental implants are a comprehensive approach to tooth replacement. The implant post replaces the tooth root, giving a prosthetic the look and feel of a natural tooth. Your implants can support a variety of restorations, including dentures and bridges.

Alveoplasty – Also known as ridge recontouring, alveoplasty smooths your jaw bone to help extraction sites heal. Alveoplasty is also done to prepare for dentures, to ensure a proper fit.

Bone Grafting – A dental implant needs adequate bone mass to integrate into the jaw. Dr. Patel can graft bone to your jaw to improve your implant success rate. Bone graft is also used after a tooth removal to improve bone strength.

Sinus Augmentation – Grafting bone to the upper jaw is tricky because the sinus cavity is located directly above the upper jaw. We manipulate the positioning of your sinus cavity to give your upper jaw more bone density.

Exostosis Removal – An exostosis is a bone growth on the upper or lower jaw. It’s mostly benign but can be very uncomfortable or may shift the position of your teeth. Dr. Patel can remove exostosis growths to improve your hygiene and make room for restorations.

When performing oral surgery, Dr. Patel always takes the time to make sure you feel comfortable and safe. We understand that you may experience anxiety regarding your procedure, so we offer sedation to help you relax during and in preparation for your surgery.

Feel free to call us or request an appointment online. Dr. Patel and his team forward to working with you!



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