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Restoring Gum Health for Preserving Your Overall Well-Being

Many individuals assume that irritation and bleeding of the gums while routine brushing and flossing is a regular occurrence. However, these symptoms are often the initial warnings signs of gum disease in its earliest form, gingivitis. Gingivitis can lead to a more serious condition known as periodontitis and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

At Eola Dental, Dr. Dinesh Patel believes you deserve to experience long-lasting dental health, function, and beauty and provides a conservative and holistic approach to restoring your smile with gum disease treatment, diagnosis, and maintenance.

Understanding How Periodontal Health Impacts Overall Wellness

Our mouths are home to both beneficial and harmful bacteria. When a diligent oral health routine consisting of brushing, flossing, and annual visits to the dentist are lacking, the harmful bacteria seize the opportunity to multiply throughout the smile. Over time these microbes spread, leaving behind a residue on your teeth known as plaque which hardens into tartar if not properly removed.

Tartar can accumulate along the gum line and slowly separate gums from teeth causing the formation of pockets. These pockets allow more bacteria and plaque to collect, making the buildup harder to remove and cause inflammation that can damage gum tissue. If left to progress further, soft-tissues begin to recede leaving teeth vulnerable to decay and loss.

Aside from being the leading cause of tooth loss, gum infection can lead to serious overall health issues. Recent dental and medical evidence shows us that gum disease can be a significant contributing factor to issues like heart disease, difficulty managing diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even low birth weight in infants.

Offering a Conservative Approach to Treatment

Dr. Patel believes in providing care with a minimally invasive approach possible. We offer scaling and root planing to relieve discomfort and eliminate infection. Your treatment includes removing bacteria and sterilizing infected tissues, followed by the restoration of gums or any teeth that are affected.

Throughout therapy, we always accommodate your comfort needs and do all that we can to encourage efficient healing. Dr. Patel also cares for the surfaces of your teeth, removing tartar and plaque for renewed oral health.  

Dr. Patel promotes a holistic practice in which the connection between the health of the mouth and health of the body are related. Your smile deserves to look, feel, and function at its best. If you are experiencing redness, swelling, or bleeding gums, contact our office today about treatments that can rejuvenate your gum health. 

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