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Dinesh Patel, DDS and his Unique Dental History

Aug 14 • 2 minute read

Dinesh Patel, DDS is our experienced dental professional who treats individuals and families in Aurora. Many of our patients have gotten to know Dr. Patel, and return to our practice to receive trustworthy dental care. His experience and knowledge of dentistry make his treatments effective and lasting. This is due to his longstanding commitment to the field of dentistry and to his patients. We have created this short biography to show how far Dr. Patel has come, and why his dental care is enriched by his life experiences.

Doctor Dinesh Patel’s Story

Our dentist proudly serves the Aurora community and has done so for almost 20 years, although he has been practicing dentistry for more than 30 years. His dental care has helped many families and individuals obtain more beautiful smiles and improved oral health. His story, however, did not begin in the United States, but actually in Kenya. 

Dr. Patel was born in Kenya and knew he wished to pursue a career in the medical field as he grew up. Upon graduation from the University of Nairobi, he decided to operate in the dental field. He built up his initial experience at a dental clinic before moving to the United States three years later. While in Kenya, Dr. Patel volunteered with Lion’s Club, an organization that united health care volunteers to provide for the less-fortunate. Working at the clinic and volunteering taught him many lessons about how to deliver compassionate health services, and allowed him to discover exactly what he wished to do. 

Upon his move to the United States, he completed his dental education and began to build up his expertise. He opened his first practice in Chicago, which allowed him to build experience and create his own treatment philosophy which Eola Dental benefits from today. After his initial years, he opened his second practice in Aurora, granting him new opportunities to spread his quality care to new patients. With more treatment offerings than ever, Eola Dental is Dr. Patel’s pride and joy and allows him to build relationships with patients new and old. 

Dr. Patel returns to Kenya from time to time, enjoying the sights and people of his homeland. He especially loves to see friends, family, and the beautiful scenery of Kenya’s incredible national parks.

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Our dentist is passionate about his patients. He cares for every aspect of their oral health, from enamel to gums. With a variety of treatment options, Aurora patients can obtain all they need at our comfortable office. Call us to schedule an appointment. 


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