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Are Dental Implants Worth The Cost? 

Dental implants are the new standard for teeth replacement, granting fully restored dental function. Although this treatment typically has high financial costs due to the materials used, and many insurance providers do not assist with payment, almost anyone with missing teeth may benefit from dental implants. If you’re looking for teeth replacement options, benefits include long-lasting teeth replacement, fully restored dental function, and customized dental implant treatment. 

A Long-Term Investment

Unlike traditional restorations, which may only last for a few years, implants are designed for longevity. Directly attached to the jaw bone, implant posts are durable prosthetics that fuse with the bone. Not only does this support stronger bone structure, but also offers a stable foundation for the actual replacement teeth. It’s as close to a natural teeth roots you can obtain after teeth loss or extraction. With proper care and gentle treatment, implant posts should last over two decades while restorations may have to be replaced as wear and tear requires. 

Renewed Dental Function 

Wearers of dentures or bridges may notice their appliances don’t function ideally or offer comfortable use. Those who have implants installed obtain a much more stable bite, as the restorations won’t fall out. Whether you receive a single-unit crown, bridge, or denture affixed to implants, you enjoy a stable bite that won’t shift over time.

Where traditional appliances require adjustment after years of use, including relining or repair, implant restorations will remain comfortable throughout their lifetime. A stable bite is present throughout its use. 

Custom Dental Implant Treatment

From consultation to the introduction of your final restorations, your dental implant procedure is designed with you in mind. They are placed wherever bone thickness is greatest, allowing stronger support of restorations. If you require more support, then bone grafts may be necessary. Following placement, restorations are fashioned to match the teeth they are replacing. Made from porcelain or acrylic, they retain the appearance and durability of natural teeth. If you are replacing only a few teeth, they will be shade-matched to the rest of the smile. In all cases, patients obtain teeth that blend seamlessly and offer aesthetic benefits. 

Contact Eola Dental for Dental Implants

We strive to make all our treatments worth their cost, especially when it comes to dental implants. Dr. Patel is passionate about restoring oral health and function and can begin the implant process today.

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